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Fixbid Service Process

· Launch the Fixbid customer app

· Initiate a new project request on the Fixbid app

· Capture your issue with +5 photos, provide a detailed description, and select your preferred appointment date/time.

· Utilize your own descriptive words when providing details about your project.

· Receive multiple cost estimates from Fixbid contractors

· Evaluate contractor profiles and proposed schedules

· Make an informed choice by selecting your preferred contractor.

· Empower yourself with the ability to choose the best contractor for your project needs.

· Upon the contractor’s departure to your project site, you will receive their location information and an estimated time of arrival.

· Upon successful resolution of the issue, the contractor will provide you with photographic documentation and a summary of the work performed.

· Upon your confirmation of completion, the payment process will commence.

· You may choose to pay via credit card, personal check, or cash through the secure Fixbid app, utilizing the Stripe payment system to ensure the protection of your personal information.

Fixbid Customer Care

Your valuable feedback plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of the Fixbid service.

A comprehensive record of all your projects can be found in your Fixbid app. Should you require assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to Fixbid using the project ID for reference.



  • Worrying about the contractor’s service schedule?
  • At Fixbid, we prioritize the convenience of our customers over contractors.
  • While we are still working towards creating a better environment for all, you have the ability to choose from different schedules submitted by contractors to suit your needs.
  • Upon selection of a contractor, you will receive their profile and direct contact information for further scheduling discussions.
  • Additionally, you will receive updates on the contractor’s location one hour prior to your scheduled project.


  • Our Fixbid contractors will assess your project requirements based on the information you provide and offer a cost estimate that is both accurate and competitive.
  • By presenting you with cost estimates from multiple contractors, you will have a clear understanding of industry pricing standards.
  • Our aim is to revolutionize the way cost estimates are calculated.
  • Fixbid is not a sales-oriented company that prioritizes contractors over customers.
  • Our business structure prioritizes the needs of both customers and contractors, resulting in a cost-effective service for you.
  • With Fixbid, you can enjoy a seamless experience, free from third-party marketers, and a better business environment for all.

3.Quality of Project

  • Are you searching for the best home repair service company that balances cost and quality? Look no further, Fixbid has got you covered.
  • With Fixbid, you no longer have to question the quality of the service until it’s completed.
  • Our network of contractors is carefully selected to ensure high-quality results.
  • The contractors in our network are Pre-qualified, ensuring exceptional standards of project completion.
  • Simply choose a contractor from within the Fixbid service, and eliminate the need for endless web searches.
  • If you’re not completely satisfied, our contractors and Fixbid will be there to provide ongoing support, making your life easier!

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