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1. Who is the Fixbid?

Fixbid is not a lead sales only company. 

Fixbid takes full   responsibilities in entire project process including free multiple cost quotes, connecting Fixbid contractor members, scheduling, project completion, payment and after service  

Fixbid Home service covers all type of House problems including Plumbing, Painting, Roofing, Landscaping, Kitchen&Bath and more

Fixbid is differentiated convenient Home Repairing Service Provider in great bay area, and will expand service areas in timely manner  

2. What is the Fixbid?

Fixbid is a Mobile application for connecting Home Service Professional and Customer who needs all type of House repairing, maintenance and remodeling. 

Having difficulties in find out right service professionals, service fees, project quality and service maintenance? No more wasting your time on Web-surfing or phone calls

Fixbid will provide all of process  with fingertip

Get free multiple quotes from multiple Fixbid contractors (100% Diamond Certified Members) 

Selecting contractor at customer’s choice,

Convenient scheduling at customer’s choice, 

Keep customer’s project on Fixbid for future service maintenance

Secure payment  with CreditCard or Personal check only. No hidden cost

3. Semi-Bid base Service Cost/Contractor choice?

When customer needs helps to fix house problems, simply run Fixbid app

Submit your problem with 5+photos and comments. 

Fixbid member contractors(100% Diamond Certified Contractors) will analyze your problem and submit quotes(cost estimation). Multiple quotes from multiple Fixbid member contractors will give you an idea of reasonable service cost ranges

Take a look into not only cost but also contractor’s profile that shows performance & capability

You will find favorite cost estimation with contractor profile on security, capability and quality matters

Once you select one of partner’s quote, contractor will show up on scheduled date/time 

We’re proud of Fixbid member contractors who maintains more than 90% of customer satisfactions  

4. Project Schedule

When customer submits house problems, customer can choose target date/time at customer’s convenience 

During the semi-bid process, customer will have price quote with confirmed schedule as customer selected 

Some contractors may have different schedule plan from your’s. 

It is also customer’s choice whether accept revised schedule or not

On scheduled date, as soon as contractor departed for visiting customer’s site, customer can see contractor’s location on the map

So, you don’t have to worry about managing your time on scheduled date

5. What makes us different?

Semi-Bid base house repairing service A to Z 
·  Trustworthy convenient process from searching service professional to payment 

Expanded Service menu for house repair, maintenance 
·  Handyman service to House Remodeling service     
 ·  Expand its service to IoT / SmartHome system 

Guaranteed Service Quality 
 ·  100% Diamond Certified Contractor members will provide great customer satisfaction 

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