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About Fixbid 

A seasoned home remodeling business owner with three decades of expertise, a veteran O2O platform developer with over two decades of experience, and a tech-savvy marketer with more than two decades of experience have joined forces to bring you the ultimate customer-contractor connection tool, the Fixbid mobile app.

In June 2018, PlumbPlus introduced its first-generation Home Repair Service platform, exclusively serving customers in the Bay Area. The platform offers a comprehensive range of services, from roofing to demolition and everything in between.  

With the introduction of the Fixbid App, we aim to revolutionize the home repair industry by providing both customers and contractors with an efficient, real-time solution. Fxibid offers cost-effective and schedule-friendly services, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

" Innovative Home Repair Service"

Allow Fixbid to handle every aspect of your home repair needs!

Why Fixbid?

Obtain precise and complimentary quotes from thoroughly vetted contractors

Customer can get quotes immediately

  • Experience the convenience of receiving instant quotes with no added membership fees or hidden costs. 
  • With detailed project descriptions and images, you can expect accurate cost estimations. 
  • Choose your preferred contractor with ease and complete your home repair project smoothly.

Free style contractor selection

Unique platform to connect Home  Repair Service professionals  

  • Enhancing power of customers’ choice (Company profile, price quote and more)          
  • Pre-Qualified contractors provide high-quality project completions  

For Customers & Contractors


  • Simple way to find Contractors and   get free cost  estimations   


  • Simple way to find new projects  

Benefits to Fixbid users 

Get personalized quotes with just one request


  • Streamline your contractor selection process with detailed information
  • Simplify your project planning with flexible scheduling options
  • Make informed decisions with accessible contractor profiles and locations.

Tap into a wealth of project possibilities

  • Maximize your PR budget


Enhance resource utilization

  • Flexible resource assignment
  • Adapt to changing project demands with ease  


Expanded Digital marketing

  • Boost your online presence with comprehensive digital marketing strategies
  • Showcase your companies to a wider audience through targeted promotions.

    New business opportunities 

    Cost-effective Marketing 

    Prepare for the next generation business 

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