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Easy to get multiple quotes from DIAMOND CERTIFIED Companies
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Semi-bid style qualified contractor selection
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Fixbid contractors are 100% Diamond Certified Companies. Guaranteed Project Quality is here
Fixbid is for both Customers & Contractor
Simple way to find contractors, Simple way to find new projects

About Fixbid 

A business owner with 30+ years of experience in Home remodeling, a service platform developer with 20+ years of experience in O2O (Online-to-Offline), and a high tech marketer with more than 20 years of experiences come together to develop a unique mobile application called “PlumbPlus” in 2018.

Combining our experiences with PlumbPlus,  newly improved our service platform called “Fixbid” which is designed for Home Repair Service companies and customers.

From June 2018, together with sensible customers in the Bay Area, PlumbPlus launched the 1st generation service platform for Plumbers only. Now that we've got lots of customer voices, why not expand it to a Home Repair Service category? When we were sure that there was great potential behind the  online Home Repair Service Market, we thought: Yup! Let's do it again!    

Finally, we invented "Fixbid" for a more customer / contractor oriented Home Repair Service platform with the support from Diamond Certified, who manages the "Diamond Certified Resource". Our competitive cost-performance & schedule-friendly Home Repair Services will ensure customer satisfaction.

" Innovative Home Repair Service"

Fixbid service can take care of it all !

Why Fixbid?

Easy to get multiple quotes from Diamond Certified Companies

Customer can get multiple quotes

  • No Membership fees or hidden costs
  • Detailed project descriptions and photos will assist with better cost estimation   
  • Pick the best quote from Diamond Certified Companies

Semi-bid style contractor selection

A unique platform to connect Home  Repair Service professionals with customers 

  • Enhancing power of customers’ choice (Company profile, price quote and more)          
  • Fixbid and Diamond Certified Companies ensure quality project completion  

for customers


  • Simple way to find Contractors/ Companies and get free cost  estimations   


  • Simple way to find new projects   

Benefits to Fixbid users 

Free multiple quotes with a single request.   
 ·  Cost estimation by Contractors/Companies

Scheduling at your convenience  

·  Availability, Profiles, and Locations 

More Project Opportunities
 ·  Save PR budgets

Effective resource management  

·  Flexible resource assignment  

Expanded Digital marketing

·  Promote Contractors/Companies on various platforms 

New business opportunities 

Cost-effective Marketing 

Prepare for the next generation Smart Digital Business with Fixbid 

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