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Guide line for Customer
How to use Fixbid
Core Benefits on using Fixbid
Guide line for Partner(Contractor) 
How to use Fixbid as a Partner(Contractor)

for Customer

No more wasting your time for..

searching service contractors, measuring service fees, scheduling,  service capability, quality…and more..

Use Fixbid! All in one solution from hiring contractor to payment using mobile app!  

Free Fixbid on your mobile

No Phone calls or wasting your time for web searching anymore.

Fixbid for iOS & Android

Use your mobile and visit following Appstore/Playstore Search 'Fixbid' for installation Register and submit your problems Too easy for resolving your home service issues  

Free project cost estimation

Easily get cost estimation from pre-registered contractors.   You will have quoted project cost, contractor profile, service date/time at free cost!

Competitive pricing

Curious about cost estimations?  or Can't get pre-cost estimations?  Fixbid partners will submit competitive cost estimation based on your uploaded photos and descriptions Make a decision at your own!

Saved project history

Guaranteed project quality can be accomplished by Pre-Qualified Partners/Contractors.  If you have any other issues, simply take a look into project history

Pre-qualified Trustworthy Contractor Network

Fixbid is proud of FIxbid partners who've got the best customer comes first business policy. Highly qualified companies will provide perfect customer satisfaction.  

for Partners(Contractors)

Take leadership in Digital migration 

Fading out yellow page Ads, no worthy lead sales only marketers, young families’ no more phone call behaviors..and more  

All in one supporter is Fixbid  

Fixbid Contractors

Pre-Qualification Process completed Home Repair Contractors in bay area can be registered as a Fixbid Partner/Contractor. Partner Inquiry : [email protected]

Preferred Contractor Membership

for more details, please contact Fixbid.
[email protected]


Whenever customers are uploading project request, Fixbid will send alerts and project details to your mobile. Take a look into project details for your own cost estimation, and submit it.   

Change Order

Based on submitted photos and descriptions by customer, you can analyze service request Sure that you will have re-quote opportunity(change order) when you found big differences in between customer's descriptions and real problems at customer site.    

Always on

Fixbid app will stay as log-in status.  Need to read message alerts for new project opportunities immediately. Quick response will bring more project opportunities.    If you need any tech supports, feel free to contact Fixbid 

Run Fixbid

Just in case, at least one time a day need to check Fixbid for getting project opportunities properly  

Quick Q&A for Customers

Q. Can I submit project request without Log-in?

A. No. You have to log-in customer app for project request  

Q. How long do I have to wait for multiple quotes? 

A. in case of Small project, within 1Min to 10Min, you will get quote via Fixbid app. Customers can wait for preferred quotes but should make a decision within a day 

Q. Cancellation Policy before project confirmation (before you choose one of partner during the process)

A. You could do project cancellation within Fixbid app at free of charge.  

Q. Cancellation Policy within 24 hours from confirmed schedule  

A. Fixbid contractor will visit your site on confirmed schedule. If you cancel the project without notification, visiting fee will be charged 

Q. Application, Service related questions?   

A. Please contact following points


E-mail : [email protected]

Tel: 408-352-5190


        Fixbid Corp.   

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Fixbid Customer Project cases – will be uploaded shortly 

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