Easy & Convenient way of Home Repair Service

No need to search  Service Contractors anymore. 

             – Easy to find Contractors near my house

       – Convenient and Flexible Scheduling

– Guaranteed Service Quality        

– Easy Process, Keep History       

…and more

Simply upload your request using Fixbid App

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Partner App is available for pre-registered contractors only 

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Step 01

Project Request

Step 02

Choose favorite quote

Step 03

On-time visit

Step 04

Project completion & payment

Submit Service Request!
Get free quotes from
Fixbid contractors

Once a customer initiates a project,  receives free quotes within minutes from Fixbid contractors.


Review profile, quotation, available schedule & contact points. 

Then simply select your favorite contractor without any fees.


And,  it doesn’t end there as the app is a one-stop shop from project initiation to final payment making it easy and convenient for you.


Fixbid, it becomes a part of your Life! 

Easy to resolve Home repair issues 

All Fixbid Contractors are screened and pre-qualified  

Fixbid provides multiple quotes for free from qualified contractors that you can choose from.  

Fixbid provides you with contractors’ skills, ratings and more.  

Adjust appointments with your contractor in flexible way. 

Qualified contractors won’t let you down. Fixbid has multiple customer support programs in place 

Customer will pay project fees by credit card with secure in-app payment process (CreditCard)  

(No Cash; CreditCard only)

All of project/payment history are saved on your mobile device for further maintenance issues. If you need help, simply reach out to Fixbid with your stored project ID.

Fixbid  prepared expanded customer protection programs. 

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