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For Customer Satisfaction and Guaranteed Project Quality  

Only Diamond Certified Companies can join Fixbid’s Contractor Network

Watch this video on the Diamond Certified Resource:

The most accurate and trustworthy way to find local companies rated Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise®.

Companies must score 90+ on a 100 scale and pass all our credential-based ratings.

By requiring such a high score to qualify, we cut out mediocre and poorly performing companies. Only the Best Pass the Test™

About Diamond Certified Companies

Accurate Ratings

Local Companies rated Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise

Performance Guaranteed

Contract Performance Guaranteed Backed by Mediation

Deep Info

Researched company reports.

Essential articles and videos by topic experts

Business Potentials to Fixbid Contractor

The Online, Mobile-based Home Service Market is projected to grow up to $1,110 billion (USD) by 2026

As soon as you join our contractor network, you will take business leadership in your area.

Fixbid and all of our contractors & clients will have new business opportunities with potential for expansion 

Fixbid will support contractors with

High Quality
Customer Leads

Make sure your’re signed in on Fixbid partner app.

Customers’ project requests will be delivered to your device on a real-time basis 

Customers will submit leads with at least 5 photos where you can assess the situation 

All necessary information will be sent to your device 

Free lead opportunities


Promote your company on various platforms.

Fixbid ,  PRB, SNS, and National Conferences 

Fixbid Project Analysis will help you understand your business status with customer feedback 

No additional fees for PR 

Next Generation Business

No matter where your business belongs, Fixbid will help you to connect with a SmartHome business

Utility pipe sensor, Sensor networking, monitoring services will require your business supports. 

Never expected new business categories will be a part of your business  

Let’s make it together with us

Expand your business

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